A new semester begins

18 Jul

What a great six months it’s been for this blog (well, a university semester’s worth, considering the posts started late February). I’ve presented a selection of short stories which would serve as a good introduction to the form, but the stories presented are only a brief sprinkling of the possibilities to the form. I’ve read some wonderful stories though, and have come across some new favourites. If this is to be a substitute for university however, I thought it’s time for a new semester. Lets pretend I’ve sat some exams (exams are always easier if one can pretend them and not actually have to sit them). Let’s pretend afterwards on went on holidays somewhere, surfing in Baja California, or whatever the cool kids get up to on their summer breaks (probably not answering calls at a call centre, which was always much closer to the truth for me).

Now that my virtual, pretend university is back however, I have to pick a whole new subject. This semester, I’ve elected a favourite area of mine to investigate, that is, the humorous short story. Sure, humour is highly subjective, but there is such a thing as a story whose main purpose is to entertain through comedy. I want to delve into such works, and try to dissect why they work, and what mechanics they use. The whole genre may seem out of date at the moment, but I will be trying to find modern examples as well as historic examples.  I will adopt a template style for summarising the stories I read, but I hope the content I provide will be worth reading. One can only hope. Hooray for the new semester.

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Posted by on July 18, 2011 in Humour


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